Monday, October 30, 2006

Bali High?

Note: Bali High? comes from the ASBPE Boston Blog.

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ASBPE associate director Robin Sherman is officially a media celebrity.

As Media Bistro's Fishbowl NY blog recently reported, Robin made a splash at the 2006 Folio:Show when he led audience members in a Balinese dance (see it on video).

Despite the antics, Sherman's purpose at the show was a serious one: To talk about ethics, and specifically the troubling results of ASBPE's exclusive research on ethics.

Among other findings, the 2003 survey found that 76% of ASBPE members had faced ad-related editorial demands — and as many as 30% of those who faced such pressure succumbed. Specific demands members confronted included:

  • providing advertorial space,
  • publishing special product sections,
  • printing corporate profiles of advertisers
  • killing stories or negative coverage,
  • softening a story objectionable story.

The research also examines the business case for strong ethical standards.

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