Thursday, August 03, 2006

Conference coverage: Covers

Making covers noticed, read and useful

Speakers: Robert Ayers and John Johanek, Publication Design

Summary: Since 1986, Robert and John have designed 100 publications. Here is their four-point approach to award-winning design.
  1. Simplicity—Use clean images, pull out the color scheme of the image and use restraint when it comes to color.
  2. Strength—Use tight cropping and bold colors and don’t overlap your logo with a cover image unless your magazine is well established.
  3. Sizzle—Designers can suggest mood through typography. Cover lines need to be benefit oriented.
  4. Sophistication—You need to make sure all your cover lines are the same font and type size and use simplicity in fonts.
Other tips
  • What works well on a newsstand works well with B2B magazines .
  • Use buzz words in the cover lines.
  • The concept shouldn’t undermine the message.
  • Logos should explain what the magazine is all about and have a strong presence.
  • Logos should be on the left rather than the right.
  • If possible, try not to use skyboxes or any other elements that push the logo further down on the page.
  • Consider placing the mailing label on the back cover to allow for more creative design on the front cover.

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