Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Editor's digest

Here are the latest highlights from the net:

Dignity is deadly, part two from Passionate
Outlines the differences between start-up and corporate culture. This isn't b2b, or even magazine, specific, but I think it offers some insights into how our publications can drift from bold to blah.

A brief blogging lesson from B or not 2B
A short, to-the-point reminder for bloggers on keeping readers.

Advice for students: Writing by hand from Lifehack.org
A good reminder on the benefits of the pen and pad over the computer.

Newsroom bosses with weblogs: A list from Blue Plate Special
Leaders in newsprint offer insights online. These are newspaper guys and gals, but their blogs may offer you some ideas for your publication's future blog.

The 50 best Web sites
from Hypertext
This list is compiled by the Chicago Tribune team. It covers broad categories. And don't spend too much time in the celebrity and kid sections. Fun as they may be, you may never reach the information and media and news sections.

Note: This list is merely a collection of tidbits I've gathered from the web recently. Please feel free to comment and add your own or email me.

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