Friday, March 10, 2006

Editor's digest (#2)

The latest highlights from the net:

Converting stakeholders into shareholders from B or not 2B
Your stakeholders (aka readers and advertisers) want something far different from your publication than your shareholders (publishing company owners). So, what if your stakeholders were your shareholders? How would that change your product?

What I told the French from MagazineEnterprise360
Paul Conley: “Magazines don’t need to start a blog, although there are many reasons why they may choose to, but they do need to become more bloglike.” This along the lines of what we heard from Don Ranly and Sharon Bass at the ASBPE-MAP 2005 Magazine Boot Camp.

Ranly says that the introduction of a new media changes all media. Blogs will change print.

And Bass followed in her discussion. Write in chunks and bites. Readers of blogs don't want to have to scan down further than what is viewable in the window. Her advice is to apply that same philosophy to print.

Exercises in grammar, usage and Associate Press style from Newsroom 101
If practice makes perfect, these free tutorials will make our chapter members the sharpest pencils in the ASBPE box.

Writing tool #29: Report for scenes from Poynteronline
Break out of your standard storytelling style. Don't just give your readers the facts. Paint them pictures.

Power tools for professional interviews from Absolute Write
The head says it all. Improve your interviewing skills; read the article.

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