Sunday, January 01, 2006

ASBPEkc Freelancers

Tarre Beach
Topic areas of specialty: Small business profiles, art, food-trend stories.

Rebecca Bridson
Profiles and technical articles on swimming pools/spas and anything pertaining to health, nutrition, fitness, exercise physiology, sports, etc.

Sandra Ferguson
Specialties include philanthropy (major gifts and planned giving), nonprofits, higher education and finance. Was on the editorial staff of Broadcast Engineering.

Mike Harrington
Experience includes 20 years of trade, business and consumer magazine writing and editing. Specialties: fast turnaround of business feature articles, technical editing, promotional writing.

Heather Kirkwood

Ellen Parson
Background is more than 10 years of professional experience as a writer and editor in the trade publishing industry; specialties include any kind of business writing; technical editing; layout work with copyediting (such as producing special supplements or advertorials); promotional marketing; copywriting; proofreading; and e-newsletter writing/editing/production.

Jody Shee
Background includes 15 years as trade magazine writer/editor. Experienced in book publishing and writing electronic newsletter copy. Main topics of experience and interest are food, health and business issues. Also experienced with project research, report writing and presentation of
results. Former secretary of the KC chapter of the ASBPE. Member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the International Foodservice Editorial Council.

Spring Suptic
Experienced in editing and designing newsletters and program guides for associations; writing and editing easy-to-digest business management articles and news briefs; and precisely editing clinical and technical articles.

Tom Zind
Does virtually any kind of writing — chiefly journalistically oriented news and feature writing for trade and consumer publications, but also selected types of advertorial/promotional/marketing writing for publications and businesses.

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