Friday, March 02, 2007

Apply for a Young Leaders Scholarship

The ASBPE and TABPI have begun accepting applications for the 2007 Young Leaders Scholarship. The scholarship helps B2B editors who 30 years old or younger attend the ASBPE National Editorial Conference and Awards Banquet.

This year's conference will be in New York City, Aug. 2-3. The scholarship covers the conference fees and hotel-room costs. The ASBPE selects five editors who work in the United States. Winners who are not already ASBPE members recieve one-year memberships. TABPI selects two editors from outside of the United States to attend. TABPI winners receive $500 for airfare.

I was honored to have been selected as a 2006 scholarship winner. Immediate past president of the KC chapter, Amy Fischbach, is a 2002 scholarship winner. I highly recommend young editors to apply. It's a wonderful opportunity to attend the national conference, learn from industry leaders and meet other editors from around the country -- and world.

The application deadline is May 1.

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