Friday, June 23, 2006

Editor's Digest (#7)

Press releases are more popular than reported news, says study from InformationWeek
Another article that makes one proud to be in trade publishing. Paul Conley gives his take in
Bad news about B2B news. And you get his thoughts on the industry's dependence on editing press releases instead of providing original news.

And for those of you who are tired of hearing about blogging and why your publication should be doing it, don't read the rest of this post. For the rest of you, the blogging world awaits.

Blogging for beginners series from ProBlogger
There are lots of posts here on conceiving and building a blog.

The giant blogging terms glossary from Quick Online Tips
Learn what exactly why something called "ping" is so important to keep your RSS readers in the know.

Blogger software comparison chart from Online Journalism Review
I believe the ASBPE chapters will be encouraged to use Blogger. The Boston chapter also has it's blog up and running. Martha Spizziri is the Boston blog administrator. She also handles the national ASBPE website. For those of you going to the national ASBPE conference, you can hear her talk about the blogging challenge on Friday.

How to get traffic for your blog from Seth Godin's Blog
A blogging to-do list to get more visitors to your blog.

Comparison of services to create online polls from Smiley Cat
Of course the one poll service I have used, PollMonkey, isn't included in this list, probably because it offers broader uses for standard websites. (But it receives my recommendation none the less.) This post reviews Vizu, FreeBlogPoll, BlogPoll, SnapPoll, Quimble, iMediaPOLL, dPolls and a few others. (Sorry, gang, I just got tired of linking to all those poll sites.)

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