Thursday, May 25, 2006

Editor's Digest (#6)

B-to-B print in decline? Not so fast, please! from Magazine Enterprise 360
Print revenues projected to grow; Internet ads should reap big returns.

WAG Goldilocks statistics from
OK, you don't love working with numbers. I know, that's why you studied journalism. Heck, I thought it was great coasting through college with nary a math course. But not loving something won't get us out of not editing it. So, here's a nice little piece that reminds us how easily facts can become fiction.

The Plus new writers award from Plus magazine
From the site: The competition is open to new writers of any age and from any background who can explain a mathematical topic or application they think the public needs to know about...The competition closes September 30th, 2006.

Pew Global Attitudes Project
from the Pew Research Center
Many of you may already know of the statistical goodies about public interest that can be found on the Pew Research Center's website. The Pew Global Attitudes Project takes a look at what people think from around the world. The most recent addition: Truly a world wide web. It analyzes survey results on Internet usage worldwide.

Publishers changing focus: Web content now more important than print from Folio:
OK, so this feeds in to the whole print-is-dead thing (which I tried to counter in the last Editor's Digest). Instead of looking at the possible negative, let's look at the positive growth magazine brands are seeing on the web.

Pheedo quarterly report details RSS usage trends from Folio:
This is for those of you who know something about RSS feeds. If your website and blog don't have one, I'd suggest looking into it.

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