Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Editor's Digest (#4)

The twilight of objectivity from Slate
A good article on the shift from objective news coverage to opinion-based coverage. News and issue coverage on the internet through blogs and podcasts is becoming more personalized, communal and thought-driven, should print media reconsider it's bias against reporter bias?

For more on this topic, read Objecting to objectivity from PaulConley.

I agree with you, completely from Slate
A brief report of the findings reported by two economists about bias in the media.

Competing with non-magazine blogs from MagazineEnterprise360
You have a print publication. They don't. What they do have are engaging, informed blogs. What you have in print doesn't matter online. Online it's your blog vs. theirs. Are you going to let them win?

Intermittent blogging and traffic from B or not 2B
Failure to regularly blog will cost you readers. Keep up on your posts and watch readership grow.

Do questions make good headlines? from GameDaily BIZ's Media Coverage (found via B or not 2B)
Make sure your questionable heads are drawing your readers in without making them feel cheated.

A quick thought:
"If your magazine is thinking about launching a blog, it's a good idea to have an idea of what the blog will do that is different from what the magazine does. Sometimes the difference is nothing more than a more frequent publishing schedule. But the smartest folks in publishing will use a blog to extend a magazine brand deeper into the lives of its readers."
You can read all of Paul Conley's post here.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, object to objectivity. It is humanly impossible to be objective. Let's try for balance instead. How about it?

Robin Sherman
Associate Director