Thursday, February 16, 2006

Question of the week

Thanks to everyone who attended our February meeting on creating an editorial and sales balance. Jody Shee, our chapter secretary, will post the meeting recap soon for those of you who weren't able to attend.

But there is more to be said on this topic than could be addressed during the luncheon. So, to continue the discussion, I will post a new question every week to tackle a different aspect of this topic.

This week's pondering: At surface level, it may seem easy for an editorial team to say, "We don't allow that," and draw a firm line between editorial and ads. But some of us on b2b publications currently don't have a firm line to work from. How do you decide where this line is? How do you change the culture of acceptance within your own editorial and sales teams? And how do you tell advertisers that "We don't do that" when "we" did it last week?

Share your thoughts by clicking on "Add a comment" below. And if you have additional questions on this topic or another topic, please email me.

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